The color of the wine is greenish – gold, aroma reminiscent of fresh citrus, a touch of melon and lovely floral.The wine tastes fresh, medium-bodied and balanced acidity.


Teperberg COLLAGE Chardonnay Semillon

HK$108.00 一般價格
  • Vintage Year : 2013

    Composition :
    55% Chardonnay Grapes
    45% Semillon Grapes

    Production Process :
    The Chardonnay grapes reach the winery in the morning after a mechanical harvest followed by a gentle, rapid pressing to produce fine white must.
    The pressed must is transferred into chilled stainless steel tank where it is kept for 24 hours.

    Origin :
    Dir Rafat Vineyard

    Wine Analysis :
    Alcohol : 12 %, Sugar : Dry, Acidity [g/l] : 6.6, pH : 3.25