Milan Espresso Machine w/Milk frother (Black)

HK$1,265.00 一般價格
  • Capsules Machine
    - Power : 220-240V 50Hz 1260W or 110-120V 60Hz 1260W
    - Water Capacity : 0.8L
    - Transparent removable water tank
    - Italy 19 bar pump
    - On/Off switch
    - Buttons for short and long espresso
    - Descaling / factory reset function
    - Adjustable dispenser
    - Capsule bin with max accommodation of 10 used capsules
    - Capsule auto ejection system

    Milk Frother
    - Double wall jug
    - Capacity : 150ml for milk frothing or 300ml for milk warming
    - Dual function : to frother either hot or cold milk. Indicated with red and blue light
    - Power : 220-240V 50Hz 450W or 110-120V 60Hz 450W
    - 360° cordless otter connector
    - Precise temperature controller
    - Heats milk to around 68°C +/-5°C within 90 seconds +/-10s
    - Non-stick coating inside for easy cleaning
    - Automatic switch off when heated
    - MIN and MAX level mark