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Premium Israel Products

Alcoholic content : 35%

Volume : 700ml


[VFI 0005]Premium Israel ProductsAlcoholic content : 35% Volume : 700ml[VFI 0005]

EXCLUSIVE - Vodka Premium Mango (Israeli Products)

HK$96.00 一般價格
  • Exclusive Premium Vodka is multiple distilled smooth kosher vodka lovingly crafted for the genuine vodka connoisseur. Infused with real fruit flavors to capture all the natural goodness and purity.

    The Vodka we present to you is a masterpiece of fine art of distillation.

    Our Kosher certification assures you that you are getting a pure product without additives so you can take care of your health too while enjoying a great drink.

    We are pleased to offer a truly sophisticated drink for both vodka and mango connoisseurs looking for a natural product and healthy product.

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