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 "Kosher" Certification

Mean that our product is totally 100% natural and is certified to comply with strictly applied Kosher purity rules produced under very strict supervision by specially trained and qualified expects. 

Benefits of Eating Kosher Meals

With the demand of kosher meals on the rise, you might be surprised to learn that only 15 percent of consumers buy the specialty goods for religious reasons. If your rusty on what it means to keep kosher, here's a quick refresher: kosher foods are prepared in ways that conform to Jewish dietary rules, permitting certain animal meats to be consumed in accordance with the laws of Kashrut, which outline humane slaughtering, cleanliness, and other biblical strictures found in The Torah. Its an ethical and vigilant way of eating that rooted in Judaism.


So, why consuming Kosher foods in regardless of religion? Health!


The widely reported benefits of consuming Kosher Foods are appealing in an agriculturally controversial time where you're not always sure where your food comes from and how its been handled.


Many food Companies / Producers conceal animal-derived ingredients to prevent customer concern. Thus, certain animal products do not appear in the list of the ingredients but are used in the manufacturing process. 

For example, animal products may be used in the sugar bleaching process, or as an agent of "clarification" in various processes of wine filtering. The danger of viral contamination is greater with animal products. Elimination of all substances presenting such a risk reduces the potential for contamination in the food chain!

Look for our Quality Approved stamp on your next visit at the retail shop, to ensure you are purchasing KOSHER ORIGINAL Quality Approved Product!

Here are the top 5 reasons for secular Kosher food consumption:

Animal Cruelty

The ethics of farm-raised livestock has come under fire in recent years. Exposed slaughterhouse tactics and stomach-turning animal cruelty has been shocking enough convert former omnivores to vegans, but those looking to eat humanely-produced protein are purchasing kosher meals more frequently. Animals raised in kosher facilities are required by Jewish law to be treated kindly, fed a special diet, and executed compassionately through the carotid artery. The remains are then rinsed in cold, salt water to remove blood and inspected by rabbis.

Food Allergies

The amount of dietary strictures honored in kosher foods makes it a convenient resource for individuals with soy, shellfish or gluten allergies. Certain kosher meals labels also designate products made without dairy or meat products, making it accessible to vegetarians.

Food Saftey

With the frequency of meat and produce recalls due to health hazards, consumers are turning to kosher meats and packaged meals as a safety measure against food-related illnesses. In 2007, Agricultural researchers found that the kosher process of salting-and-rinsing animal meat reduced salmonella contamination in tainted chicken skin by 80 percent.


Many consumers regard kosher goods as viable substitutes for organic or local goods, due to the quality standards they must pass before qualifying. Muslims following halal strictures have been shown to choose kosher meals in the absence of halal options.


Non-Jewish foodies have contributed to the demand for kosher goods because of its rich history and distinct, Middle Eastern flavor profiles. Notable kosher meals include stuffed cabbage, cheese blintzes, baba ganoush, beef stews and potato knishes. Increased production of kosher wines has expanded varietal offerings and met demand beyond Manischewitz.

With the prevalence of kosher food consumption outside of religious rites, its possible that many consumers have enjoyed the benefits of kosher meals without even realizing it. Next time you're in the grocery store, take a quick look at the package. You'll know its kosher if its certified with a distinct K. The hundreds of packaged meals and prepared foods are produced for the Jewish community, but enjoyed by many.


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